1. Check-in from 3.30pm to 7.00pm. For arrivals after 19:00, please notify the time of arrival, otherwise you pay an extra € 15.00 for each hour of delay. Check-in is no longer allowed after 23:00.
  2. Check-out: from 8:30 to 10:00
  3. A deposit of € 300 must be paid upon arrival and will be reimbursed upon departure after a thorough check of the accommodation. In this regard we recall that the housing unit must be left in the order and cleanliness conditions in which it was found. Otherwise the related expenses will be deducted.
  4. Smoking is prohibited inside the homes.
  5. In some mobile homes pets are allowed at an extra variable cost.

In the event of non-compliance with these regulations, the Management will be forced to take appropriate measures. In the most serious cases, offenders will be removed from the campsite. All campsite personnel are authorized to enforce these provisions.


  1. Check-in: from 3.30 pm to 8.00 pm. For arrivals after 19:00, please notify the time of arrival, otherwise you pay an extra € 15.00 for each hour of delay. Check-in is no longer allowed after 23:00.
  2. Check-out: 8:30 to 10:00
  3. Rates are per day regardless of the time of entry; the day of departure will be counted if the departure will take place after 12:00. The number of presences declared upon arrival will be counted for the entire period of the stay, without taking into account any unjustified absences.
  4. The installation of tents and caravans must be carried out according to the directions of the Management.
  5. The assigned pitch is delimited and therefore all the equipment, including the car, must remain inside. In the pitch can be installed: a) 1 caravan + 1 car; b) 1 tent + 1 car / motorcycle; c) 1 camper.
  6. All the rest is to be considered extra as established by the current price list.
  7. It is forbidden to carry out excavations around the pitches, delimit them with fences, fences, pull ropes at man’s height, light fires on the lawn and on the beach.
  8. The toilets will be opened progressively in relation to the number of guests and their needs.
  9. The showers are free and free to use but regulated by a timed device. Please read the instructions on the services.
  10. Barbecues allowed only with gas


Art. 1 – Entrance – modality – requirements

Campers admission is allowed, subject to registration of personal identity documents, during office hours 8:30 am – 12:30 pm / 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm. In order to avoid overcrowding, the manager reserves the right to accept the entry, even temporary, of guests and visitors, which has not been previously reported or authorized, without prejudice to the registration of documents. Documents are withdrawn by 7.00pm. This being stated, each applicant will be given the numbered pitch free from people and things. The pitch cannot be changed, fenced or otherwise occupied without written authorization from the manager. At the end of the period of stay, users must leave the pitch free from people and things by 10.00 on the day following the date of the last overnight stay.


Art. 2 – Visitors – guests – methods of entry of minor persons

The person who stays within the camping area from 08.00 until 20.00 is a “visitor” and does not stay there. In the event that the visitor is found within the camping area beyond the aforementioned time or from 8.00 pm to 8.00 am, he will be reported to the Competent Judicial Authority.

The person who stays in the camping area in addition to staying is “guest”.

In the event that visitors and guests are minors of age so that they can stay and / or stay overnight in the camping area, it will be necessary:

  1. a) a written permission from their parents or guardian who must be shown to the manager upon entry;
  2. b) the taking in charge of the minor by the user by way of written writing.

Art. 3 – Timetables – entry and exit of vehicles – prohibitions – sleep and rest – prohibitions – allowed vehicle entrances

The barrier at the entrance is closed only from 11.30 pm to 07.00 am, so it is impossible to enter and exit at these times with the car, unless there is a proven and urgent need. Cars must be parked in the appropriate spaces without occupying the squares reserved for tents or other means of accommodation.

The parking space is not transferable by the user; it follows that only the management can take advantage of this car seat in the absence of the assignee user. The management, in its total discretion and with unquestionable judgment, may, at any time and for any reason, reassign and redefine the parking spaces for each user.

Motorcycles and scooters can only descend with the engine off.

From 11.30 pm to 7.00 am and from 1.00 pm to 3.30 pm every noise that can disturb the rest and sleep of the campers must be avoided; it follows that, by way of example only, (i) it is the duty of parents to supervise their children so that they do not disturb; (ii) radios, televisions, and household appliances in general must be turned off; (iii) campers will not be able to talk or meet at banquets or tables and in any case they will not be able to behave in any way that could disturb or disturb the sleep of campers.

Medium-sized cars are allowed on the campsite. Therefore it is not allowed to enter large vehicles including, for example, motor homes, vans, pickup trucks, minibuses, minivans.


Art. 4 – Miscellaneous uses

Electrical connection is permitted to special sockets with regulatory plugs up to a maximum of 3 (three) amps.

The electrical system that connects the caravan with the power supply must be in accordance with the law and in particular fireproof (H07 RN-F 3 x 2.5).

The gas pipes, owned by the camping users, must preferably be made of copper and must be viewed and checked periodically by the user.

The user is directly responsible for damage caused by his own electrical and / or gas system, which is not up to standard or otherwise malfunctioning.

The User undertakes to provide and deliver to the Operator a copy of the booklet or other equivalent document that certifies compliance with the law of its gas system and its electrical system, as well as, in general, of all the systems used by the same user.


Art. 5 – Rights and duties of campers

Every resident has the right to a welcoming, clean, safe environment so the camper:

  1. a) must respect the vegetation, the land, the hygiene and the cleanliness of the campsite;
  2. b) cannot climb trees and / or plants;
  3. c) for reasons of safety and hygiene, within the camping area, cannot light fires or throw waste on the ground;
  4. d) will not be able to smoke in the pool area and in the bathrooms;
  5. e) may only use the gas grill with lava stones or similar in accordance with (no coal and / or wood, etc.) as long as the smoke does not disturb the neighbors and the lawn and the ground below are not damaged;
  6. f) he must place the waste in special containers which, once filled, must be transported by the user outside the campsite and then placed in the appropriate bins;
  7. g) must wash the linen and dishes in the places indicated for this purpose;
  8. h) must leave the sanitary facilities and the pitches occupied by them in perfect order and cleanliness;
  9. i) for safety reasons, must accompany their children to the toilets and more generally must accompany and supervise the minor within the camping area;
  10. j) for reasons of safety and hygiene, it may not wash its own vehicle or overnight accommodation inside the camping area;
  11. k) must use the campsite’s drinking water only for primary uses, any waste thereof is prohibited;
  12. l) must report, without delay, to the campsite doctor or management any infectious disease;
  13. m) will not be able to damage the plants, shrubs or even just branches of the existing vegetation and the equipment of the campground, will not be able to plant pitons, dig ditches around the tents, pour boiling, salted or waste liquids on the ground;
  14. n) must not engage in behavior that could endanger other campers, including, for example, tying up wires, for any use, from one end to the other of the pitch;


The user who intends to keep pets in the camping area in addition to the payment of the aforementioned daily sums must comply with the following duties and obligations:

1) the animals must be in compliance with the sanitary prescriptions foreseen by the law;

2) the animal must be covered by a third party insurance policy and a copy delivered to the manager before the start of the summer season;

3) the user who owns the animals must show the health booklet and a photograph of the animal to the manager for identification;

4) the animals (dogs, cats, etc.) must not enter the premises of common use, they must be taken out of the campsite to do their physiological needs and must be kept and tied in their own pitch so as not to cause damage and harassment to in any case, dogs must also be equipped and fitted with a suitable muzzle.

5) the only route allowed to the animals is the one that leads to the exit of the campsite through the main roads;

6) no journeys or routes are allowed in secondary or bordering ways to the campsite to take the animals out of it;

7) it is forbidden to bring your animals around the campsite.

8) only small and medium-sized pets are allowed.


Anyone who finds any object within the camp enclosure is required to hand it over to the manager who will return it to the rightful owner. If someone misappropriates other people’s stuff, they will be referred to the competent judicial authority.

The user, before the winter closure of the campsite, undertakes to remove valuables from his pitch and everything that may be a source of danger and in particular undertakes to move gas cylinders to another location.


Art. 6 – Final rules – tariffs – amendments to the regulation

This regulation, which is an integral part of the agreement, is mandatory for all users of the campsite, whether they are residents, visitors or guests. Copy of the regulation is shown on the notice board of the manager’s office with the rates and prices for the stay and overnight stay of persons within the camping area; any subsequent amendments to the regulation will be displayed on the notice board.


Art. 1 Subject of the Regulations

The use of swimming facilities by users must comply with the rules of conduct established in these Regulations.


Art. 2 Calendar and opening hours

2.1 The swimming facilities are open to camping users in the days and times established annually by the Manager. The table showing the annual calendar of days and opening times is posted at the entrance to the swimming pool and published on the website of the campsite, as well as posted on the external bulletin board of the management offices. In general, the following timetable will be observed: from May to September every day: in the morning from 9 am to 1 pm and in the afternoon from 3 pm to 7 pm.

2.2 Campers are required to observe the opening hours of the facilities as stated above and the additional rules related to this compliance, specified in these Regulations.

2.3 In any case, bathers are required to leave the tank at least 10 minutes before closing time. Bathers are advised of the expiration of this deadline with a special sound signal or a lifeguard warning.


Art. 3 Access to the plant

3.1 Swimming facilities can be used only by camping users.


Art. 4 Restriction of access to the installations

4.1 It is not allowed to enter the pool to those who have wounds, blood loss, skin lesions or bandages with bandages and bandages, except for the presentation of a medical certificate. Persons affected by pathologies that involve a risk in the use of the swimming pool are invited, in order to protect their own and others’ safety, to inform the lifeguard on duty, before entering the water, of their pathological condition.

4.2 Children under the age of 14 will not be able to access the facilities unless accompanied by adults who take responsibility for them. In order to gain access to and remain in the facility, the service staff checks the age of unaccompanied children by asking them to show an identity document.

4.3 In order to safeguard the right of all visitors to personal safety and to a peaceful stay in the plant, the Operator, through the service personnel, has the right to expel from the system those who with their own behavior disturb the order or public morality or that, with shouting, dangerous games or other events, jeopardize the safety of other users or harm the regular operation of the service.

Art. 5 Prohibitions

5.1 In the area of ​​the plants it is forbidden:

  1. a) leave a dog free around the camping;
  2. b) smoking (the ban applies in any area except those in which the possibility of smoking is expressly authorized);
  3. c) consume food and / or drinks in the showers and in the pool area;
  4. d) to introduce photographic or cinematographic machines without prior authorization, even verbal, of the personnel assigned to the plant;
  5. e) enter the areas used by bathers with shoes;
  6. f) to introduce radio transmitters, sound reproduction equipment and other electrical equipment without the prior authorization of the service personnel;
  7. g) skip the footwashers;
  8. h) cling to showers and other holds in the shower room;
  9. i) introduce exercise equipment and other materials without prior authorization from the service personnel;
  10. j) introducing equipment for underwater fishing;
  11. k) to introduce and use underwater video cameras or cameras or equipment for underwater swimming, unless prior authorization is given by the service personnel;
  12. l) play ball in the tank and on the pool edge;
  13. m) cackling, pushing, chasing each other, harassing bathers or otherwise causing dangerous situations for themselves or others;
  14. n) take a shower or a bath or circulate in the swimming pool area without a swimsuit (topless women are not allowed);
  15. o) introduce objects of any kind into the tank, including balloons, floating boards, inflatable mattresses and in particular glass objects. The use of educational material made available by the Operator, including the use of armrests, is allowed in the pool;
  16. p) take dives from the trampolines, perform dives with run-up or dive backwards;
  17. q) spit in the water of the tanks or spread liquids of any kind;
  18. r) urinating, defecating and cleaning any wound in the tank;
  19. s) dive in the tank if one or more parts of the body are sprinkled with oils, creams, and similar substances of any kind, including dyes on the hair or on the skin;
  20. t) throw clothing or objects of any kind into the tank.

5.2 Failure to comply with the prohibitions referred to in this article shall be punished by expulsion from the manager’s facility, except for compensation for any damage caused by the latter.


Art. 6 Rules for use of the plant

6.1 For hygienic reasons it is mandatory to shower with soap before entering the tub. Access to the bath-tub is only with rubber sandals.

6.2 Children can only enter the pool reserved for adults if accompanied by an adult.

6.3 Particularly inexperienced swimmers are required to stay in the safety zone, meaning as such the area in which it is possible to place your feet on the floor of the tank keeping the head above the surface of the water or that near the pool edge in which it is possible to cling to the supports.

6.4 In the tank:

  1. a) the use of glasses or sunglasses is not permitted;
  2. b) the use of swimming goggles with unbreakable lenses is permitted;
  3. c) the use of headphones is mandatory.
  4. d) it is obligatory to use restorative costumes for children under the age of 3, as well as for physiologically incontinent users.

6.5 It is recommended to practice swimming without harassing and / or obstructing other swimmers.

6.6 Following a sound signal (emitted in the event of an emergency) or a replacement signal, including a voice signal, issued by the service personnel, users must quickly exit the tank.

6.7 It is mandatory to use the appropriate bins for the storage of waste of any kind.

6.8 It is forbidden to bring umbrellas, strollers, stools, chairs, deckchairs, tables or anything else into the pool area. It is possible to take advantage of the manager’s beach umbrellas, deckchairs and tables upon prior reservation.


Art. 7 Suspension entry of bathers

7.1 The Operator has the right to temporarily suspend the entry of bathers in the following cases:

  1. a) crowding of the plant which is prejudicial to the safety of users;
  2. b) need and urgency to provide for the performance of interventions to restore functionality and

plant safety;

  1. c) emergency situations from which a potential danger to safety can arise

of users and service personnel.

Art. 8 Damages

8.1 All the structural parts of the swimming facility as well as the equipment and the material making up the equipment of the same must be used with all respect.

8.2 Any damage caused to the systems and their equipment and materials as well as to the areas around them will be charged to the managers with immediate request for compensation of the costs incurred for the restoration.


Art. 9 Responsibility

9.1 The use of swimming facilities, premises, furnishings and equipment is considered to be carried out at the risk and peril of those who practice swimming and those accompanying them, with the exclusion of any liability for which the Manager is responsible, unless defects attributable to the facility structure.


Art. 10 Obligations of the personnel in charge of the service

10.1 The Operator, the lifeguards and the staff in charge of the service at the natatorium facilities are obliged to observe this regulation.